The Dress
Directed By: Richard O’Sullivan


A heartbroken man (James Mount) seeks closure with an old lover (Castille Landon) and an estranged friend (Joe Sernio) in “The Dress,” a film from Director Richard O’Sullivan, who also co-wrote the song “Flesh & Blood” with Terra Pasternak (who performs the tune on the soundtrack). Screenplay written by Steve Strangio.

Brand spanking new teaser for “The Dress,” Stars James Mount, Castille Landon, and Joe Sernio. Written by Steve Strangio. Produced by Sandra Rayne Garcia. Cinematography by Kahleem Poole. Sound design by Carlos ‘Storm’ Martinez. Directed and edited by Richard O’Sullivan. Shot on location in NYC.

Visit The Site. www.DressMovie.comĀ  | Purchase Tickets To The Premiere

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