Award Winning Film Mourning On Charlotte Street

Mourning On Charlotte Street, Movie, Charlotte Street

WINNER - Home Grown Short Best Drama – GSFF
WINNER – 2010 Viewers Choice Best Film – GSFF
WINNER - Best Suspense Thriller – SINYFF
WINNER – Best Short Artisan Festival
WINNER – Best Short NY International

joe sernio,mourning on charlotte street1954… A teenagers body lies twisted in an alley on charlootte street in Bronx, N.Y. The Question is Why?

Nicky, a high school honor student, dreams of college and a future with his loving girlfriend, Jenny Corbin. Lorenzo, a charismatic high school drop-out, spends his days in pool halls mixing with the local hoodlums.

Separated by darkness and corruption, united by the unbreakable bond ov brotherly love.

Relive the tough streets of the bronx in the 1950’s in this powerful tale that became front page news and captured the heart of a city.

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joe sernio and frank calo Joe Sernio Joe Sernio
Joe Sernio Mourning On Charlotte Street mourning on charlotte street

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