Haunting Evidence – The George Allen Smith Story
Joe Sernio is George Allen Smith

This bold series takes the paranormal and crime-solving phenomenon one step further by following psychic profiler Carla Baron, medium John J. Oliver and paranormal investigator Patrick Burns as they visit the frightening scenes of the most baffling criminal mysteries of recent history, including the cases of JonBenet Ramsey, Madeleine McCann, George Allen Smith, Natalee Holloway and the “Zodiac Killer.” Working together, can this unconventional team of experts find clues that will provide new insights into these investigations?

November 2008 – The George Allen Smith Story
On June 25, 2005 George Allen Smith IV and his new wife Jennifer Hagel-Smith began their honeymoon cruising the Mediterranean Sea. On July 4, 2005, George, Jennifer, and four young men spent the evening in the ship’s casino and disco, drinking heavily. Jennifer left the disco early, but passed out in the hallway before making it back to her room.

The next morning, George was nowhere to be found and a passenger two stories below his cabin reported bloodstains and handprints on the metal awning outside her balcony. With conflicting witness statements and murky jurisdiction issues, George Allen Smith’s disappearance remains a mystery more than two years later.

Was he the victim of a horrible accident at sea, or has someone on the cruise gotten away with murder?

George Allen Smith Sory – Video



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