The Bentley Diamond Guy

Joe was first called for a commercial by Lori Draz and Bentley Diamond which wound up later leading into a stretch of Commercials, Print Ads, and web ads leading to be called by some “The Bentley Diamond Guy”. In 2008 Joe continues to work with Bentley Appearing in all commercials, and print ad advertisements. Below you can view some of the commercials and print ads that you may see in some of the most popular news papers, restaurants, and cable networks around New Jersey.

Bentley Diamond Images

Joe Sernio Joe Sernio Joe Sernio
Joe Sernio Joe Sernio
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Stuff Magazine’s The Real Goodfellas

The Real Goodfellas – Stuff Magazine
It started as just a quick feature in the May 2006 issue of Stuff Magazine and now this Goodfella’s Picture is seen about as often as the Top Ten Wanted Men. Just take a walk around New York’s Little Italy, and you’ll see it in practically every window.
Joe was shooting a show on CBS in New York City, when close friend and actor, (see photo), invited Joe Sernio to be in an upcoming 2 page magazine article on Italian actors in the business. Without pause, Joe made it to The Mulberry Street Bar on Mulberry street in New York’s Little Italy.

The day long shoot produced a picture and article that hit hard and is still requested, downloaded and displayed. Now, Joe who is a big supporter of charity events (Cancer foundations, such as The Ashley Lauren Foundation, The Barbara Fuller Foundation, Toys for hope, and more) signs copies of this famous photo regularly.

Original Magazine Image – National

Joe Sernio, The Real Goodfellas,Stuff Magazine

Stuff Magazine's National Print Ad - The Real Goodfellas

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